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yitnp presents
yitnp presents
The Nazis From Mars
The Nazis From Mars
electropunk from spain
I don't really remember how I first got in contact with the band but I know that songs like "Tina techno punk teen" or the RAMONES cover "I wanna be sedated" really struck me. There is only few bands playing electropunk at all but those who play real garage style punk with electric beats are really rare. THE NAZIS FROM MARS are unique in their way and unique means interesting. So I decided to use the advantages of the world wide web and ask singer Vanja a few questions:

Do you consider yourselves as a punk rock band or do you think you're doing something different? What does punk mean to you anyway?

Well I don't know if it's something different, but I wouldn't call it punk rock. Nowadays punk rock means playing what 100000000s of other bands have played before and still are playing. Punk means for us: anarchy, provocation, rebellion and freedom - but definitely not a template. We don't want to belong to any scene and we think that music should develope and change all the time. It doesn't matter what you will call it at the end.

The new record "space pebbles" is a bit more 'rock' in a classical sense and a little less straight forward I think. Was this your purpose or did it just happen or am I absolutely wrong with my opinion?

I don't know what you mean by 'straight forward'?! It maybe sounds more 'rock' because we covered songs from the 60s. There is no purpose in any of our records and also not in this one. The only purpose of our records is to irritate somebody. When we just started we pretty much irritated everybody with combining guitar and techno music. With this last LP we just wanted to irritate people in neo 60s garage scene, but also people who expected us to go more punk or more tekno or what ever. But there are always people who like the stuff, so we always get new fans and new enemies hahahaha.

The new record is out on Ken-Rock. How come and do you think you found your final home after having released records through quite many labels in the past years?
There were not so many labels, but also not so many records - hahaha. Many think we should have released more records, but we are a bit lazy. Ken Rock is one of our favorite labels and one of few people who supported us from the beginning.

The artwork of the Ken-Rock is said to be done by someone named 'Vanja'. Is it the same Vanja, who sings in your band and how come she did an interview with Mash Gordon for the dutch nobrainzine? Do you all have other stuff going on apart from planet mars?

The drowning on the front sleeve was actually done by Braindead and the rest by me (and yes it's the same person). No Brains Zine is something I do in my free time and try to present bands I really like, especially the less known ones. We are involved in other different things (labels ...). Mostly it's stuff we like, but we don't want to speak much about it. People who like it will find their way to it.

I never had the pleasure to see you live on stage but to be honest I never heard of a concert of yours over here in Germany. How many shows have you played so far and to which far away places did your journeys bring you to? Are there any touring plans for the near future right now?

That's a pity cos we played most of our gigs in Germany and we really like it over there. I never counted the gigs, but there were not so many and we didn't get so far (Netherlands, Germany and Belgium). First 2 years we were rejected by all clubs we sent our promo to. There were 2 reasons: combination guitar + techno and 'politically uncorrect' band name. When we released 2nd 7" things went a bit better, but we still didn't manage to play many gigs. A year ago we had to cancel tour in Sweden and after that we decided not to tour anymore. It's just not possible for us to combine our jobs and gigs - as many other bands, we can't live from our music. But this is another long story. It's just that a band like us can never get a contract from a bigger label or a normal touring agency. You can't be the band, the manager, the label, the producer and have a job at the same time. You have to quit something to be able to go on with the other. So we decided to spend more time recording new stuff.

Did you ever have trouble because of your band's name? Like someone thought you were nazis and sabotaged or defamed you in some way or like someone thought you were nazis and liked youe because of that?

We got two emails by some stupid nazis who thought we were band for them and were pissed off when they saw our web site. We really had to laugh. But, I guess most people are intelligent enough to get the joke. We did have problems with anarcho punks and we were rejected by some clubs just because of the word 'nazis' in our name. But, that's it more or less. There are always people who don't have guts to program a band with such name in their club. Pity for them. I think if we formed the band at this time, we would probably call ourselves 'Al-Qaeda Terrorists From Mars'.

As a 50% female band, did you ever have problems with sexism or machismo?

I hate this female, riot girls, girl bands thing. We are just a band. Is it important if you are male or female, black or white, or what ever? We are aliens anyway. And NO, never had any sexism or machismo problems with the band or in my life. I don't see why a feminist is better than a macho - one hates men the other hates women. I just hate everybody (I mean people in general).

Braindead says on the website his favourite food was "martian salad without meat". Are you a vegetarian band? Or are some of you vegetarians?

We are 40% vegetarian band. It's not much, but it's something. I'm a vegetarian, Braindead eats fish, Branca is almost vegetarian, Saicopat can't live without meat (but we can live with him - hahaha). Still we all think humans should be destroyed and Earth should belong to animals, plants and aliens.

So that was it from my side. Do you have anything left to announce? Did I forget to ask some important questions? Any last words or wisdoms to be shared?

We are recording new 7" that will be followed by new album that will be again different from everything we did so far. NFM advice for healthy life:
- don't watch MTV
- eat lots of garlic
- don't use deodorant
- be angry and hate everybody - that's good for your spirit
- say 'fuck' at least 100 times a day
- drink beer and wine
- have a lot of sex
- don't smoke or eat meat (Saicopat thinks it's not good advice)
- don't take shit from TV seriously
- never buy CDs, just make a copy and buy records
- don't watch Hollywood movies - it's bad for your mental health
- don't use Microsoft products
- be lazy and don't work hard
- love all aliens

Thanx a lot for taking the time for this interview and good luck for your future!


the nazis from mars

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