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12-04-2009, 21:42 by jan | YITNP is dead! 
As some of you might have already guessed yellowisthenewpink.com is dead. After more than half a year without any updates we finally managed to post at least this kind of message here.

It seems like none of the people involved has got the time or passion any more to go on with this project. Maybe it is like with most good bands: Better call it quits as long as you or anybody else still cares...

We are sorry for all the reviews we never came to write and all the emails we never answered. We didn't mean to.

We would like to thank all the artists, labels, people who helped out and of course all our readers for their inspiration and cooperation. Thank you so much!

Some of us are still active in other projects such as Trust fanzine, Coreprobe radio show or I <3 d.i.y. blog. Feel free to check us out there and don't forget that once there was an online fanzine that was called yellowisthenewpink.com...

Good bye!

03-05-2008, 17:50 by jan | Ignore List Troubleshooting & Board Update 
Hey everybody!

As you might have read in the support forum there is some problem with the ignore list. This means that there might be threads that you ignore automatically. We have no clue why this error occurs...

But we are currently doing an update of the whole message board and we hope that the problem will be gone afterwards. There also be some cool new features once we will have launched it. However in order to make it correctly and to have it look as neat as now this process will need some time. But the update is on its way and will be here soon!

Take care, yitnp admin crew


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