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Burkhard Müller
Dortmund (DE)
It's less about one and a half year ago that I first discovered Burkhard Müller and his stunning photos of current hardcore bands. At that time I was checking out the band Ritual over their Myspace site and was really taken with some energetic concert pictures in their photo section. One Google request later I clicked on an URL, I've never noticed before:, the portofolio of a young guy called Burkhard Müller. Seemingly Burkhard took the vibrant works Nathan Baker ("energy unseen") did in the late 90ies and put them into our current time with better technical possibilities: taking band snapshots that give an unsophisticated impression of the engery of participating to a hardcore show.

Just a few month later nearly every current hardcore band seems to represent itself with photos of Burkhard Müller and his webpage Face The Show. His countless high-quality pictures appear in photo exhibitions, on MySpace sites, in magazines like Ox or Fuze, records and - certanly - on

Burkhard, was it music that sparked your interest in photography or was it photography that sparked your interest in music?

nothing at all - i listen to this music longer than I'm interested in photography, but due to my job & studies I learned to handle a camera. Someday I just started to shoot some gigs of local bands, I think that was the beginning.

Contrary to other music photographers you demanded to confine this interview on your show pictures and not on your further works. So why are you so fixed on concert photography? What is the fascination of concert photography to you in contrast to your other works?

I wouldn't call myself a professional photographer. Everything I do except of concert photos is just average stuff. Everybody has his field of activity he is talented in. For me it is concert photography and for others it is studio photography, or landscape or whatever. I would see myself wrong placed in presenting my snapshots I take far from the concerts as art or something else.

There are so many kids on shows taking pictures and putting them on their websites. So what characterizes a good show photo?

A good photo catches the emotion, it expresses the bands and the crowds feeling. It's a mix of composition, color and of course the right moment.

Does the quality of a show photograph depend on the photographers equipment?

part of. but you don't need the same equipment as a studio photographer. I just have a crappy eos 350d. But the most important is the lens. That's also the most expensive part of the photography. everything else is talent and at shows also some luck.

Last question: who are the most photogenic musicans/bands in "our scene" and why?

puuuh. Elli, the Drummer of Ghostchant, she has a beautiful smile. Seb from Within Walls, he does great jumps. Ritual and Goodbye Sweet Halo as complete Band, they always give everything on stage.

Burkhard Müller
Burkhard Müller

Dortmund (DE)

Photography, design, politics, food

Favorite motives
Crowds & singalongs

My Buddies Daniel & Michi and other current & past Photographers who publish great stuff like Paco (, Cindy Frey, Glen Friedman...

Canon Eos 350d