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yitnp presents
yitnp presents
KV in Nürnberg(D) facing shutdown!
The alternative cultural centre KV (short for Kultuverein) in Nürnberg(D) is facing serious problems and a possible shutdown. The operator of the building that the KV is laid in, the Z-Bau GmbH, is threatening the Kulturverein and the other tenants, the rather commercially oriented Zoom-Club, with cancellation in order to expand or keep up its own three clubs in the building. One of the reasons might be that the 1.8 million Euro that the city of Nürnberg has offered for redevelopment of the building seem to be insufficient for redeveloping the whole building. Other reasons could be the Z-Bau GmbH’s fears that the unclean and punk audience of the KV might scare of the other customers at the Z-Bau and that the low and socially acceptable prices at the alternative cultural space ruin the prices for the gastroeconomic entertainment areas of the Z-Bau GmbH. In the end financial interests seem to be more important than culture once again…

The activists at the KV have already started a counteroffensive. Members of the city council have been approached and will continue to be approached in order to gain the politicians’ and the public attention. For February a demonstration and a benefit fest have been scheduled and the activists set up a website where you can find further information and a solidarity list in which you, your band or your projects can enter their names and leave a message of solidarity. By the moment these news are being posted there is already more than 1600 entries in the list. Stand up and be counted!

Wir bleiben alle!
All of us will stay!



Young man killed by nazis in Verona(I)
In the night before the 1st of May a young man of 29 years got attacked by a group of neonazis in Verona (Northern Italy). The victim, Nicola Tommasoli, fell into a coma that he will never wake up from again. On May 4th one of the attackers (19) surrendered himself to the police. He is part of the fascist Ultrà of Hellas Verona.

According to the police three of the five offenders are in custody by now. At least one of the them is linked to the Veneto Fronte Skinheads, a group that has been spotted at international nazi rallies like the Rudolf Hess march or the annual revisionist rally in Dresden(D). Verona is known as a stronghold of the separationist and anti-immigrant Lega Nord.

Alerta Antifascista!
Fight back!


[article on german imc]

Roots Of Compassion changes t-shirt supplier
Roots Of Compassion, your favourite vegan propaganda mailoder will no longer print on American Apparel shirt but on shirts of the company Continental Clothing that some might already know from the last edition of Kurhaus shirts. Here's the official statement:

"we have a new clothing supplier! we’ve decided that american apparel does not meet our standards anymore. we don’t like their sexist ads with women being objectified plus - reports from and clamor magazine reveiled that AA is hostile to employees organizing for job security and against the speed of work and layoffs. when employees tried to form a union, the company unleashed an intimidation campaign that mirrored the aggressive union-busting techniques of other major manufacturers.
continental clothing is a fair wear accredited company that has a very high ethical standard.
they recently started a campaign to boycott uzbek cotton - due to the fact that the uzbek regime is responsible for torture, slave labour and a continuing environmental disaster on an unimaginable scale - all in the name of cotton production.
and not enough - continental further announced that they are going 100% organic! they have purchased 750 tonnes of ‘100% organic cotton - in conversion’, which is due to be harvested in october. thereafter, from november onwards, all continental cotton garments will be 100% organic, or 100% organic - in conversion. continental will be the first major manufacturer to do this, and the implications for the apparel industry is enormous.
you will note that all items using continental clothing are labelled with the fair wear logo. all other items are still using american apparel stock and will be labelled as well once the old stock has been sold!" [jan]


14.07. - Two demos around Hamburg(D)
This saturday people from in and around Hamburg(D) got two opportunities to show up at political actions.

In Lübeck(D) there will be the seventh issue of the Antispeziesiste Norddemo. This time the focus is on the demand for the closing down of the zoo in Lübeck-Israelsdorf, maybe the most fucked up zoo on the whole of the republic. On the demo Albino will do a rap performance and later tha day Deny Everything and Hoods Up will play at VEB.

One bundesland south, in Lüneburg(D), there will be some need for antifacist action as once again nazis want to march through the city. There will be a collective train ride from Hamburg. Meeting is 8.30h in front of the Reisezentrum at Hauptbahnhof. More info here and here.

To warm up your hearts the night before we recommend the Amalthea and Prothesenballett show at Fährhaus in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. [jan]

May 1st: Nazi demo in Bad Bramstedt
Apart from the traditional mayday riots in Berlin, numerous Euromaydays or revolutionary mayday demos and activities against nazi rallies in Dortmund, Erfurt and Neubrandenburg we want to recommend one event in particular:

On May 1st nazis are planning to march through Bad Bramstedt, a small town 50 km north of Hamburg. Their demo is scheduled for 11 a.m. and is planned to start at the railway station, go through the city and back to its starting point. The plans weren’t made public until last week. So there is very little time for mobilization for counter-activities. Feel welcome to join the resistance!

The mayor and the town’s officials are holding a rally on the marketplace just about 200 meters from the actual route of the scum. In theory everyone should be free to go there and listen to the speakers. Bad Bramstedt is famous for its many small trail and shortcuts. As the nazis themselves expect only 100 people on their side and probably the police won’t show up with too many more there should actually be a certain chance to move something.

Be there! Do something! Antifa means action!  [antifa]

[check indymedia article for updates!]

Köpi is (not) for sale!
Köpi, one of Berlin’s most notorious squats is currently facing new trouble. On May 8th the house is to be auctioned. This is already the third attempt to auction the squat that is situated in an area now dubbed Mediaspree which is designated home for loads of fancy new it and media companies. Lowest bid is 1.670.000,- euro.

If you are less interested in buying the place but rather prefer protecting it you might be interested in joining the demonstration on May 5th at a not yet specified place in Berlin as well as the auction itself at Amtsgericht Mitte on May 8th at totally unpunk 7 a.m.

If the squat will find new owners it is predictable that these will try to kick the people out without caring about existing contracts. In this case: Let’s create a Copenhagen situation!



Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen(DK) in danger!
just read the official statement:

The national court has spoken ... but nobody listened ...

Yesterday on Monday the 28th the national court decided to second the decision of Copenhagen City Court from 2003. This means that we have lost the right to use the house.

After the verdict we had a huge meeting with several hundred people where we discussed what to do.

Of course we decided not to follow the decision of the court. We have not spent the last 24 years developing a unique culture centre used by thousands of kids and youngsters from the whole city, - and the rest of the world- just to throw it all away on the whim of a corrupt legal system.

Throughout this whole process we have tried to get the politicians to take responsibility for their mistakes and join the efforts to find a solution. They have not showed any interest in this.

Therefore we must underline that if a political solution is made impossible then confrontations will be inevitable!

What will happen now is uncertain but we will prepare ourselves for an eviction attempt from the police in the upcoming weeks and months.

At the same time we are encouraging everybody everywhere to do actions in support of Ungdomshuset and send their pictures and statements to By so doing, we will show Faderhuset and the politicians, that the only authority over Jagtvej 69 is Ungdomshusets weekly assembly.

Show up in September!!! We would also like to invite everybody for the weekend 22nd and 24th of September. There will be a lot of things going on. A large demonstration on the 23rd and a Reclaim the Streets action on the 24th amongst parties, exhibitions, debates and more. It is going be a blast dont miss it.

Find more information on our

Here you'll find a possibility to sign a pedition for Ungdomshuset, see photos of actions and demonstrations done for Ungdomshuset (and post your own photos for the actions you do!!)and stay updated on what is going on!!!


*Big demonstation for Ungdomshuset the 23rd of September!
*Reclaim the streets on the 24th of September! check out our webpage or posters/flyers to stay updated!

Solidarity with Ungdomshuset!!! [jan]


Young punk killed by nazis in Russia!
Sasha was on his way to Kiel(D)-based hardcore band Tackleberry's second show in moscow when 300 meters from the club he was attacked by eight nazis and stabbed in his heart. He died from his wounds. He was 19 years old.

Our condelences go to his family and his friends.

Fight back! [jan]


Ex-Steffi in Karlsruhe(D) evicted
Yesterday in the early morning hours the squat Ex-Steffi in Karlsruhe(D) got evicted. Maximum anger and solidarity from here!!!

Check indymedia for dates of numerous solidarity demonstrations and further information! [jan]

[indymedia article]

Solidarity with Alte Meierei and ExSteffi
The Pink Tank Army wants to express its solidarity with the Alte Meierei in Kiel(D)!

Check out the official note here and check out who signed it at first here!

We also wat to express our solidarity for the ExSteffi in Karlsruhe(D), one of Germany's most beautiful squats which is currently threatened by eviction again. Get informed here! [jan]

Antifascist demo in Neumünster(D), 21.01.
One of the major spots of alternative culture in Neumünster(D) is the AJZ laid near the railway station in a very multicultral district. Just about a hundred meters down the street is a pub called 'Titanic' in which since about a year nazis enjoy themselves freely and frequently. In the past year numerous attacks on ungerman or alternative looking people were commited by guests of the pub in front of it and in front of the nearby AJZ.

The antifascists in Neumünster have decided not to take this any longer and organized a demonstration that will take place this saturday, january, 21st at 14h. Meeting point is Gänsemarkt.

In the evening there will also be a concert at the AJZ with bands like Red With Anger and Morbus Down. Check the local Antifa's website for details and flyers! [jan]


Member of punk band Distress killed
Some of you might have heard as it is already almost a month since it happened but never the less this is so important that we must give a news entry!

On november, 13th (what an irony that there is a band with this name...) at about 6.30 pm Timur Katscharawa, a young antifascist, animal rights activist and guitarist in the bands Distress and Sandinista was on his way home with friend coming from a Food not Bombs action when they were attacked with knifes by a group of about ten nazis. His friend survived but Timur succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

We are deeply shocked and honestly angry about this incident. Compassion and solidarity goes out to all his friends, comrades and family.

Fight back! [jan]

[german indymedia article with further links ind infos]

Nazi concert in Hamburg(D) attacked
Last night, november 5th, a nazi concert took place in the building that also contains the KDW, Weltbühne, Click etc in Hamburg(D)-St. Pauli. The police emediately blocked the building so the aboot 300-400 counterdemonstrators gathered outside. The later it got the more stones and bottles were thrown at the windows of the building and a lot of them broke also at least two police cars got hit and affected. Unfortunately one demonstrator got hit by a bottle from behind and was taken to the hospital bleeding at his head.

The police started to gather more manpower (all in all 300 cops plus dogs and water cannons) and moved their line to the front. The Reeperbahn got blocked by protestors for an instant and time was spent with little games and fopping the cops until the "birthday party" was over at 1h a.m. The nazis were transported away with rented public buses which were severly attacked and deglassed by dozens or hundreds of stones, bottle a.s.o. the few at them.

The evening was quite success. Negative points other than this concert actually taking place and the guy injured by the thrown bottle, were two people who got arrested and the fact that a group of gayskins (at least that's what was said) got falsely attacked by leftists who misrecognized them as fascists.

After the riots in Göttingen(D) and Potsdam/Berlin(D) the third severe antifa action this week! [jan]

[indymedia article]

Nazi demo in Göttingen(D) stopped
Saturday, october 29th, about 150-200 nazis tried to do a march in Göttingen(D). There route was planned to be about 7km long but in the end they walked no more than ceveral hundred meters once around the block.

The police had to stop the rally because they could no longer guarantee for the nazis' security because about 500-1000 mummed radical leftists were setting up about thirty barricades (the majority of which burning) and attacked the nazis by throwing projectile of different kinds. Apart this direct action another 5000 citizens were demonstrating against the fascist march.

Big respect to the former antifa capital Göttingen and its vital scene for the well planned organization and infrastructure and to the antifa mobs from all directions for coming and making this weekend a symbol for the fact that the leftist counterculture is not dead yet! [jan]

[article with photos on indymedia]

Antifascist demo in Kiel(D)
November, 2nd, 9.30 a.m. an antifascist demo is planned to start from Alter Markt in Kiel. The demo will have two issues. First a rally will be held in front of the neonazi venue "Ballmann 7" than a court hearing against antifascists who allegedly attacked a stand of the NPD in Kiel-Gaarden(D) earlier this year will be frequented.

The "Ballmann 7" in Kiel city has become a venue for neonazis in the last two months. Rechtsrock from bands like Landser (prohibited as a terrorist organization) drones out into the streets and more than once "alternative" aouths got attacked from guests of the venue when they passed it by.

No inch to nazis! Join the antifascist demonstration in Kiel! [jan]

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quo vadis, arschloch?
 Kaput Krauts
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 Parts & Labor
 Delayed Replays
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